UMAR HASFIZAL, diagnosed with AUTISM, is an autistic artist.

He has a rare musical talent especially in singing. His voice often captures the hearts of his audience. His journey as a singer begin when he participated in The Malaysian Special Idol 2006 competition when he was eight years old and emerged as the 1st runner up.

In 2013, Umar received an international recognition when he won 2nd place under the Performing Arts (Youth Category) during the International Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention and Festival that was held in Canada.

Despite being autistic, Umar has recorded two mini album title I GIVE THE BEST OF ME and DOAKU. In 2015, Umar was selected to be the singer for the Original Sound Track of a movie title REDHA, a local film that has won many international awards.

Umar often receives invitation from Corporate and Government Agencies to sing and perform on stage at various functions. He was also given the privileged to entertain the Royal Majesty Queen of Malaysia and the Honourable Prime Minister’s wife.